A collection of fashion minded creative individuals focused on continually bettering our craft; a type of people that seek out constructive criticism over a pat on the back.

Searching for the raw and real, focusing on pure human beauty. SECDUM believes that natural elegance occurring in life is far more desirable than simulation perfected within a computer.


Why us? It’s Simple. 

  1. Over 85 WordPress Subscribers

  2. Over 125 Other Subscribers
  3. 1,000 to 3,000 daily Views
  4. Update Trending Fashion, Art, Photography, Social Events
  5. Combined with Secdum Magazine, SS Solstice, Secdum Ruins, Heart IBF, Fashion Berry, Deadline Production, Jade Star && Many More

The Units

(1 Month, Seasonal, Quarterly, Yearly)

(Options. Check below )

SUPERNOVAHeader ” The highest paid advertisement”


STELLA – Background backdrop  “Second highest paid advertisement 


 VISIONARY- Secdum Post  “Submissions for artist “


 DREAM WARRIOR –Widget  Box Advertisement on side/bottom”


STAR HURST – Links “Add to the Link Lists”



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