The Art of Being Alone Dawn Olivieri by Elsa Kawai Tienlyn Jacobson

Featuring: Dawn Olivieri
Photography by Elsa Kawai
Stylist: Tienlyn Jacobson
Production Assistant and Assistant Stylist: Danika
Hair and Make-up: Corina Kramer


ModeWalk []
Net-a-Porter []
TheOutnet []
Ashbury Skies []
Urban Outfitters]

theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson1 theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson2 theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson4 theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson5 theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson6 theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson7 theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson8 theartofbeingalonedawnolivieribyelsakawaitienlynjacobson9


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