Dawn Richard + G Lounge + Album Release Party



Hey Secdumers !

Depending on WHERE I post this post’ You guys are still my Secdumers! I actually ran into a friend of mine a week ago and we caught up on lost time. He was telling about Album Release party happening at the G Lounge Wednesday Night – Thursday Morning. He said ” It was be a BIG look for me to actually attend since I’am 21+” . I said cool , whatever not thinking to much to it because I don’t believe the hype that people tell anymore. Anyway he told me he couldn’t make so my answer to the event was NO! Then he said DAWN RICHARD ! and I quickly said yes!

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Dawn and I go way back; a friend in my head since Making the band 2 ! I always loved her and supported her through her whole journey. Even when she drop her mix tape baby! Now she finally made a international album and she’s showcasing it for me? in philly? I quickly rushed to my wardrobe and thought of something wear “Comfortably but still appropriate  for such an event” ! Going as press i still wanted to make a statement. Camera gear ready and business cards in place for a magical event. Little did I know i was going to have a time of my life.


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The day event I hung around downtown because I didn’t want to show up to the event Early? I arrive their at 10:15pm and the lined was forever long indeed! Everyone look very fashionable and tasteful. I wore H&M Puffy coat , Vintage Black- Leather Sweater, Black washed Denim Arizona , and Aldo biker black boots. I enter the G Lounge and I was so shocked at the venue. First off, It’s under ground and it looks like what you actually see in movies. It was so many creative lights and the DJ was popping. Came across a Highschool friend Dom Green and you already how he gets down.

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Camera Tech for anybody? I use Nikon SLR camera as usually on these big events, which reminds me why I do not do events ! The lighting is so poor and I refuse to buy some Floodlights to brighten up the event. “What a buzz kid mr photographer.” I use my 55mm-200mm lens but quickly change it because out the f/stop. Since the lights was not heavily lit, the 3.5- 5.6 would not survive for anyone. Off to my prime lens with my 50mm 1.8 . I seriously need to get at 35mm 1.8 but the funds is not kicking at the moment. Being a photographer in such a environment of a party is so nerve racking.

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Everyone wants photographs and wants your attention and all I can say is NO! I just cannot do events such as parties. The crowd was insane , intense and very thirsty. Can you say “Hungry Tigers Alert”. I actually met some cool artists who perform before Dawn Richard. I had to look their Twitter name up because I forgot who there were. lol @sheisphoenix @rocd_ @jusbeano @jaydonthomas @theonlytrev @worldclasschels @malika_m @leyjoans You know who you guys are! Claim your prize! Seriously claim your prize! Free drinks everyone and I had me 1 or 2. I was still on the job and I still had a mission to accomplish; NETWORK.

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I actually met some cool peoples to dance with as I jam with Dawn Richard and the gang. We chilled and talk and laugh all night. She is super dope and so down to earth. Honestly if she wasn’t famous we would be best friends forever. #TeamShortPeople ! Were actually the same heigh and I would of never knew until I seen her person. I DO NOT BUY ALBUMS people! However I download her NEW album GOLDEN HEART baby! I left before SEPTA came with memories to cherish. Before is some Little promo about her to get you excited and hype!

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Coming off the heels of her critically acclaimed #1 EP, Armor On, singer/songwriter, Dawn Richard has announced the release of her debut LP, Goldenheart. The 16-track LP marks the solo debut from the New Age R&B singer, introducing fans and newcomers alike to the first of a three part series of love, loss and redemption. The album will be released worldwide in January

DWR Party

w. {g} Lounge {Ritten House}

w. Everyone FREE b4 11pm w. RSVP + 1hr Open Bar 10-11pm

w. 111 South 17th Street Philadelphia, PA {10pm-2am}

Dress Code

Women be beautiful, be fashionable! You set the tone for the event with your style. Fellas No: hoodies, sweatsuits, Timbs or Any Athletic Wear


Click link Below to view Dawn Richard Website



Doors Open 10pm Show starts at 11pm Sharp….. Also Performing Live @sheisphoenix @rocd_ @jusbeano @jaydonthomas @theonlytrev @worldclasschels @malika_m @leyjoans



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