White Me by Anna Ciupryk

Photography by Anna Ciupryk @ anionam.com
Models: Samia Grabowska & Alejandro Rumian @ FASHION COLOR
Hair: Teresa Opiala
Make-up and Styling by Anna Ciupryk
Production : FC Studio

Special thanks for Idea Fix Concept Store

Samia: vest by UEG (Usa e Getta), shirts and skirts by BLAC BOW, trousers by Natasha Pavluchenko
Alejandro: jacket by UEG (Usa e Getta), t-shirt by LIT Fashion, trousers by Natasha Pavluchenko

whitemebyannaciupryk1 whitemebyannaciupryk2 whitemebyannaciupryk4 whitemebyannaciupryk5 whitemebyannaciupryk6 whitemebyannaciupryk7 whitemebyannaciupryk9 whitemebyannaciupryk10 whitemebyannaciupryk11


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