1,000 POST + TO DO LIST 2013


Hair stylist by : TARAYA WILLIAMS @ TAHJ ENT.
Creative Director : LISA WARD @ DEALDINE



Welcome Secdum Society 2013. Their are so many goals I achieve this year and I had to jot down some ideas to get it down! Btw this is SECDUM SOCIETY 1,000 ! WE FINALLY MADE IT . It was just yesterday when i had made 50 post ! So proud of myself. Alot of sweat , tears, and typing I had to do ! SECDUM SOCIETY IS NOW IS A HOUSE NAME ! Check us on Google Baby ! Alot has happen this year including adding 3 more District to the SECDUM CHANGE. SECDUM SOCIETY ❤ SECDUM MAGAZINE! I got a Magazine !

I gather some Professional people I have work with in the business and created SECDUM MAGAZINE. Based on Fashion, Beauty, Health, Music, Tech, Culture with a twist of other goods. Wanted to create a magazine for my on going submission I have been receiving but also showcase other talents I have came across this year. The website coming soon but in the meantime I will keep you updated. So this year I made it list and I’am checking it twice…. Below is what i need to do in 2013.

  2. Add District 11- SUPERNOVA ORBITS
  3. Photograph 3 unsigned models
  4. Work with New York City
  5. More Bts of my Photography work
  6. Showcasing my wardrobe styling of clients . Maybe fore District 11
  7. Visit Neptune again
  8. Maybe create District 12- For the Knights “NightOwl, NightStar, Nightwolf, NightStar ,Nightwing?
  9. Publish 3 issues of SECDUM MAGAZINE
  10. Promote SSSolstice more as well as RayWoodsphotography
  11. Buy Lightroom 3
  12. Look for internships ? Maybe not
  13. Become a decent cook
  14. GO to concerts- Azealia Banks, Little Dragon, The Weeknd, Rihanna, Solange
  15. Promote my business through Adsends
  16. Online Shop more? — Need some money for that though
  17. Make more $$$ — More Clients
  18. Business Cards for – Wardrobe styling and Editor and chief of SECDUM MAGAZINE
  19. Go to more Art and Music Showcase
  20. Update Wardrobe every season
  21. Fly to Atl for Bday
  22. Get a promotion from my job
  23. Find a new Retail jobs
  24. Step up my sneaker game. Maybe not just yet. It’s pretty Snazzy
  25. Start to paint again
  26. Buy more and more penguins ! Obsession
  27. Buy a gold fish ? My cat might eat it. Can a fish be shipped to you ? Ugh I need fish food
  28. Update my Cell phone with a quickness
  29. Go to the beach ! Never been
  30. Stay positive

Welp there you have it ! Of course their is some more things I want to do but I wanted to keep it short and a secret. Also got tired of typing so I need to save my energy for emailing everyone back once again. Also creating some cool Fashionable videos very soon for SECDUM MAGAZINE! Are you interested ? email us at SECDUMMAGAZINE@GMAIL.COM for any inquiry ! Very excited to get to work this year even though I never stop working. Excited to work with some new Graphic designers , Photographers, Fashion blogger, and Videographer. Let’s make magic


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