No Church in the Wild: The Countdown

My recent not ” recent recent” work i have down is an editorial suite of one of my favorite models from DE “Christine Dior” . I really wanted to tell you how excited i’am to present one of the best editorial work i done but i’m only allow to give you snippets. so 11*11*11 !!1 Mark your dated kiddey’s because that’s when i’m release the editorial pages to the public. Until then enjoy the teasers i created for this weeek !

So yesterday i was suppose to release the “Behind the Vision” to the public but some things change over time. So to keep my word i will press the upload button on “Vimeo ” Tonight and blog/ youtube tomorrow night for the over seas. Deal ? Get it Got it … Goood.

+Monday: Promo

+Tuesday: Behind the Vision

+Wednesday: Christine in 30mins

+Thursday: Behind the Vision “Commentary”

+Friday: No Church in the Wild.




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