Essence Online + Runway Renee + Dallas J. Logan

“Hair Hair with care with alot light in the atmosphere” – this isn’t any surprise that Dallas photographs are nothing but tasteful but with African American Models it’s that much taster. Dallas team up with Essence magazine for a hair photo-shoot that is breath taking. But why Runway Renee getting the high light? I absolutely love her hair color change. Platinum is what they call it and what i call it is purely “Futuristic”. And the earrings are to die for. I admire Dallas for his incredible lighting techniques and this really shows his eye as a photographer. This is more then just a beauty shoot its… its its… MEGA.

Recently to a look at “Runway Renee” Blog and this what she had to say about the shoot….

“Halcyon Salon and Spa hooked me up huge with this new Blonde doo. This October;s Issue of Essence did a special Layout on Winter looks for Women of Colour. And I was one of the luck ones to be chosen for this Style Do.

Now I am giving you guys a chance to Vote to Cut the LOOK of Keep the LOOK. Please let me know what you would like to see coming down this years LGFW runways.”

Do we love her new look? I don’t see why not.. Thinking about dying it the same color. will maybe not that intense. Take a look at all Dallas photographs with Essence Online.


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