Inspirational Tuesday’s

I stumble on HMSounnds system couple days ago and i’am heavily addicted to the site and they are located on the west coast! Small small world. So i kinda gotten there information ad combined from different sites so here is a snippet of there bio.  All the websites, contributors are all below as well. Get inspired PEOPLE


HM SOUNDSYSTEM bridges design, music, and art to create one-of-a-kind visual and audio experiences for their fans. HM SOUNDSYSTEM provides an all-encompassing sound that pleases the toughest conniseur’s ears, while at the same time making everyone shake their rears. They perform at numerous music, fashion, and art events as well as throwing their own roof-raising parties. In the art realm, they bring their unique aesthetic to their graphic design works and photography which can be seen on the DESIGN page. HM SOUNDSYSTEM is currently working on various music, fashion, and art projects.  Sign up here for our email list so you can be the first to know. And to get free stuff.”


Did that pretty much sums it up? haha. Honestly the video below is about the photographer and model but i totally watch it for the music.



HM Sound + VB | PR Present
Broader Then Broadway

Featuring the luanch of VBPR

with HM Soundsystem (

Shot By Johnny Hernandez
Edit By Andrew Quesada

Model: Rica
Photographed by Andrew Quesada (
Makeup by Cristina Sandoval
Styled by Victoria Berry (
clothing from Tevin Vincent (



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