Battery Grip Arrived !

My Battery already arrive before this post but it was schedule to get shipped back to  With a quickness because i was VERY upset it did not fit. I’m the type of person that skip the directions if he can and figure things out of his own. In the sense life doesn’t give you directions right? haha I didn’t think so. So i tryed to shove it in the battery door knowing i was about to break something. Even my family tryed. I gave up and packed away upset because i needed for PAFW. Twice the battery Twice the hours ! (Should of bought more batteries) but of well. They sent me an email after i called Amazon and i waited 3 days for there response. I was literally cursing them out on my job today until they called me. He talked me through on how to install the battery grip.


1. Take your batteries and inserted into the battery chambers on both side.


2. Insert it into the battery grip


3. Remove you battery door in 45 degree angle.


4. Insert the battery grip in your camera battery door


5. Screw in it in at the bottom and turn the camera on


Really simple right? sheesh i need to read more. For the second half, depending on the camera i turn it on at remote mood to use the side shutter. SIDE SHUTTER !!! WHOOP WHOOP ! Sorry but buying an Nikon D40 d40x or whatever is totally out of me budget for a couple years so im going  make pretend with my battery grip. I really love it. I don’t see an actually disadvantage besides the shipping price so here is the Advantages.


1. Very simple to install


2. Twice the battery life for you Nikon camera


3. Bigger outer appearance


4. Side shutter


5. Heavier with more grip


That’s all i can see as in right now. What else i need for my photography? Mac Book, Book Bag and that’s it? On and a new lens (Working progress). Hahaha.






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