Where thou art thou ESHU?


Throughout the course of a couple weeks i introduce to you guys “Eshu”.  A alot of people have been wondering who is this person, where did it come from, etc. I took the basic origin of this person and made it my own. So if you google it , it’s not him. lol So i don’t want to give the surprise all away. So i give you 10 hints on introducing this Eshu .

  1. Spirt of chaos and trickery
  2. The protector of travelers
  3. Inspired by McQueen “Eshu Romantic” Collection
  4. I able to capture his virus
  5. No when, No want, No worry
  6. Nationality: African
  7. 101 different roads to  or manifestations
  8. Esu reminds us that life requires consciousness.
  9. .A person filled with fear must contend with fear throughout their life. A man that is not bound by morals will be dealt with in the same manner. A child that is hard headed will be given his life lessons accordingly.
  10. Esu perhaps more than others would say that life is not fair or unfair, but rather life is about balance. Esu evens out the playing field. Evens the score.
Hope that helps. Give you update later this month

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