Stefan Eckert ‘Symphony Space Blues’ 3D fashion show

From the 3D holographic fashion show of Stefan Eckert
Symphony Space Blues
Director: Florian Sigl at Bakery Films Agency
Director of photography: Moritz Anton
Visual art by Tim Jockel

Written by Tienlyn Jacobson

Remember when we used to talk about the future? Cars would park themselves (check), computers would be small enough to hold in your hand (ahem, iphone) and holograms would take the place of models and actors. Welcome to the future.

In March, couture designer Stefan Eckert presented the first exclusively holographic show ever – a stunningly supernatural digital brain banger featuring models doing the likes of karate, runway strutting, dancing and multi-craniumed hair swinging while dressed in Eckert’s couture trappings. Although the clothes themselves are truly beautiful – the sculptural elements feed nicely into the 3 dimensional theme of the show – beyond doubt the real focus were the stellar stunner visuals, responsible in part by director and EP of Bakery Films Agency Florian Sigl and visual artist Tim Jockel.

Since “Symphony Space Blues” premiered in Hamburg on March 31st of this year, fashion related holographic shows have been popping up for the likes of Burberry, Diesel, and even gargantuan retailer Forever 21. None of them, however, have come close to the visual artistry of Eckert’s holographic masterpiece, which has been described as a visual representation of the philosophy behind his latest collection.


Fashion videos have become an accompanying if not stand-alone medium in the fashion world and but holographic shows have the capability to quite literally bring an entirely new dimension to the proverbial stage. It would only make sense that this new founded cornerstone become a regular form of expression. And if we’ve already reached the future, one can’t help but wonder what’s next. Holographic clothes, perhaps?

You can get a taste for the stunning visuals of Stefan Eckert’s holographic show by watching the video below – and then be sure to click on the thumbnails to see some fantastic pictures as well.














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