Chapter 1 Quiz 1

a. Vocabulary

Rule of Thirds- Mentally dividing the scene in your viewfinder into thirds.

Fast Shutter Speed- To stop slow action with Shutter speed- Is determine by Speed, distance & Direction

Slow Shutter Speed- To stop fast action with

b. Summery

Throughout Chapter 1 it mainly talked about composing effective photographs by using the basic knowledge you know of a camera. Using your imagine, lens sizes, shutter speed, exposure, and angles can sure enough achieve those photographs you desire. Capturing fast or slow action, changing angles to show edge, using depth of field to highlight a subject are very key elements to achieving your own photographs.

c. Fiction

Story Greg is a student in high school who enjoy photographing on a daily bases. Little did he know his camera is more powerful then “point and shoot”. Sure he knows a great opportunity to photographs using his frame but he always wanted to make his photographs different from everyone else so he remember from a photography book he had for years ago using his correct shutter speed can determine the outcome of his photograph. Also deciding the lens size determine what you include within the photograph. So greg photograph an grassy place with bunnies hopping. Greg has quite alot of chooses he can do to satisfy his curiosity . He can speed up or slow down the bunnies, zoom in or out of the bunnies or completely change the angles of the frames. But like the book “The basic book of photography” said; It’s your imagine.

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