The Basic of Photography: Introduction & Guildlines & Homework


I really want to become a fashion photographer but before i actually start the process of shooting Fashion I need to know the basic fundamentals of photography. I’am currently reading a very bland and boring book (Which is a great book for me to take it seriously) “The Basic Book of Photography “. It has 15 chapters of great information about basic photography. So here is the guidelines to retaining this information 100% .

1. 3 or 4 days to read and complete each chapter.

2. The days i have read “The basic book of photography” I must write 1-3  paragraphs explaining what i learn in the chapter.

3. The end of every chapter i must answer theses following questions

a. Vocabulary learn though out the chapter. Uses examples to the vocabulary

b. Explain overall what the chapter was about . Explain the sub titles to help. (2-5 Paragraphs).

c.Write and create a story ( Fiction or non fiction) when “the chapter title” has been use and the right and wrong way to achieve and solve the problem.


4. After 3 Chapters all vocabulary from the 3 chapters should be written on a sheet, studied and be answer as a test sheet created by “Someone”.

5. Explain what the overall 3 chapters was about. (3-6 paragraphs and use examples to support the answer)

b. Explain how the 3 chapters go along with each other (3 Paragraphs).

c. Draw, or post your own video or google a video showcasing one of the 3 chapter and what you learn from it.


6. For Mid Terms gather all 6 chapter’s vocabulary and write the definition of each of the vocabulary with examples.

b. Use any vocabulary words and write 5 sentences using 2 or more vocabulary words.

7. Explain the book main titles ( 5 Paragraphs)?

b. How are they related to each other (5 Paragraphs and use examples to support your answer) .

8. Write a short story explaining the purpose of using one of the your vocabulary words ( 3 Paragraphs).

9. All Questions and materials will be repeats for the 2nd half of the book

10. The final will created by a photographer for an actually grading.

As you can see i’am very serious about this and this will honestly help me learn and retain more from a book. I started reading some when i bought it so it actually started today. Education is power !


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