The Basic Book of Photography: Homework 1#

The Basic Book of Photography

Chapter 1 : Composing Effective Photographs

Homework 1 progress read

What have i read so far in the chapter?

“Cameras take pictures; photographers make pictures. By deciding the composition of a photograph and selecting the film and focus and exposure, we determine what the picture will be. ” In chapter 1 I learn that every picture should have a main purpose whether it’s a slr camera or a cellphone photograph. COMPOSITION “the components of a picture and their arrangements determines the message viewers get when they see the finished photographs. Looking how to analyze the negative aspects of the photographs will lead to more postive approah to utilizing the elements of good composition in the pictures.

Have a center of interest ! Other objects in the photograph should not compete with the main subject in the photograph. “Don’t let such foreground figures look at the camera or they will hinder, not help”. By puting the Subject off center will be more interesting then place in center. Respecting and noticing the “Rules of thirds” Mentally divide the scene in the view finder into thirds both horizontally and vertically. A key rule to remember is to get close to the subject.Equally distracting and an all to common composition error is poor background. Whenever a background is to busy i need to change the camera anagle.

So that’s why i need to always study the background before releasing the shutter. One way to eliminate a disturbing background is to throw it out of focus.  If my subject is far enough from the background, opening up the f/stop on your camera lens minimizes depth of field and will keep my subject sharp while putting the background out of focus. I need to always look for leading lines that might add impacts in my pictures. Learning whats around in the frame will determine the outcome of a photograph.


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