Johanna Feldmeier: Schon Issue 1


I always save the best for last when blogging and this shoot is epic! Honestly if you told be gray was the new red, blue or green i would of laughed in your face but now your laughing in my face. lol. This shoot took alot of people to produce such images like this and it deserve alot of credit indeed. This is the first issue for a fashion magazine and i’m telling you i want to purchase it TODAY! Matter fact i’m checking out the site after this. It’s Air, earth and everything in between. Witness it for yourself.

New Tag– ” Animore

Photography by Pierre Dal Corso assisted by Adeline Gauvain
Style by Laure Tardy-Joye assisted by Alex Moustache
MakeUp by Corine Gues @ B Agency
Hair by Lok Lau
Manicure by Kamel @ B Agency
Model Johanna Feldmeier @ Metropolitan, Paris
Special thanks to Studio Stella, Paris


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