Dawid Tomaszewski: A/W’11 (Look-Book)

Don’t be a stranger to the Fashion

The Bold chic colors brightens personalities

Flaw make up covers up your true realities.

Over exposure light crystal glimmering

A posh lip stick just trickling.

Is it the the flaws or walls that give this model edge

or is it Dawid Tomaszewski garments that adds it’s personal wedge

Fur keeps norms warms Socialistic

But to us Fashionistas and Fashionistos it keeps Furlistic

Off the runway to print lookbook never look so close

Scroll, rotate or flip the page you will over see great style the mose

Because one minute you in and the next day your out

So keep in mind…

Don’t be a stranger to Fashion

Dawid Tomaszewski Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2011 Look Book


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