I WANNA BE… CEO of a Fashion Modeling Agency (Chase Models NY)


Tell us about what you do.

I’m Fashion and beauty photographer and CEO of Chase Models NY. A Male modeling Mother Agency
What does an average day at work look like for you?

Editing Many photos , replying to emails, Commuting about 2 mile to and from  the studio on some days. Brain storming about new ideas among a list of other things lol  
Do you work alone or with other people?

Most of the time it’s just me alone working with all of the guys. Some time I may call on outside help for major projects

Is this what you wanted to do as a child? (or was it by accident, choice or influence )?

NO! not all this just feel in to my lap I keep asking myself everyday  where? Why? And how did I get here?
How long ago did you start on this path? 

 Going on 5 years
How long were you doing it before you made it into your career or primary form of income?

For the first 3years you could say was a hobby of mines but know everything has taken a life of its own. I guess it’s all God’s plan.

Did anything significant happen to get you to that point?

Not really, I would say at the point where  I am now and looking back  at where  I started with Photography and Chase Models . I can say I’ve learned to read deeper into people than just seeing what they show me of themselves and that this industry is constantly changing and so do the people that you come in contact with. So you can never put yourself at ease you have to stay on your toes all the time.   
What kind of education do you have?

I have a bachelors in Fashion Design and Merchandising, and also currently working on a 2nd degree in Photography
If you went to school, did you enjoy studying? Could you see where it might lead you at the time? What advice would you give to someone else who might be studying to get into your industry?

School just prepped me and let me know that everything takes work and it’s not easy, And looking back now if someone told me that I would be photographer with a agency of male models . I wouldn’t believe it because this was totally unexpected. And the advise I would give to any student  “ Don’t just study the industry you have to live it as well , get out and meet people and have open mind , you never know who you can meet and what door may open to take you to a whole other direction that you least expect .

What do you think is the best thing about what you do?

Helping someone take the steps into making their dreams a reality and also being my own boss
What’s the worst thing?

Flaky people that always want to blame other people for their misfortune instead of themselves . you have a lot of those in this industry and not to forget the deeply enscure people.
Would you call yourself a workaholic, & if so, are you alright with that? Do you think that’s normal for your industry?

Workaholic Yes ,and feel my addiction is going to get even worst in the coming years even months, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. It all come with the territory of being a artist and entrepreneur. No sleep, sometimes no social life outside of the industry it’s all price to pay when you don’t want settle for less. I think that its normal.

What would your number one suggestion be for someone who wants to do what you do?

Make sure you love it don’t just do it for money because you won’t last long. 
What do you wish you had known when you first started out?

That it was going to be more than just a hobby.
Are there any major misconceptions about your job or industry?

 All Rumors are true lol … Seriously you have to be very strong to even set foot in this industry because many folk may test you , many may try to bring you down . you just have to be strong and fast enough to roll with the pushes h and keep up with the fast pace .

What is the best thing that’s happened to you as a consequence of the work you do?

For right now I would say Meeting the different guys of Chase Models it’s like a 2ndFamily More than just a agency
What motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing?

The Chase Models guys they always seem to push and keep me going

Rate how happy you are with what you do out of 100 (100 being the best, 0 being devastatingly awful) on an average day. 

Is there much career progression available to you? What would you like to do next? 

 Skies the limit for me, I always look forward to growth and seeing what the next door God will open up for me . I’ve learned  that everything is in Gods will and if there is something that I want  The lord will give it to me when I’m ready and if I can handle it. So I leave it in his hands
Do you think you’ll continue doing this for the rest of your life?

Right now I don’t see myself doing photography for to long or not as often as I do now , but I do  want to take the Chase Model thing and take it as far as it can go. I feel that this is my purpose and it can be so much bigger that what it is now. I just have to stay focus and keep working at it.


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