Plastolina by Ala Wesolowska & Sebastian Siebor

I was VERY confuse on the message that they wanted to convey but then i got it. Simply FASHION. The model look is so striking it doesn’t make sense for him to just stand there and look handsome. Yes he is a model and he is doing his job well but personally i would love for him to have some “CCM” (Creative Confident Mover). His look for him to stand still isn’t cutting it for me. Maybe his Red hair works for him after all? Tell me what you think i’am having miss feelings. Overall i gave it a 6 for fashion/ editorial and 7 for his personal portfolio.

It all depends on what you are selling i guess but still for his look he needs to CCM. Comments and feedback are more then welcome.

Photographers: Ala Wesolowska & Sebastian Siebor
Styling: Basia Czyzewska
Hair and MakeUp: Sebastian Kazmierczak
Model: Mateusz Farenholc www.division.p


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