Taylah Verney by Lyndel Yeo Daniel-Jackson

The girl next door? or should i say the model next door. The garments are classy but yet sexy, chic, sleek and endearing . It has this splash of youth that is necessary in every women wardrobe. The color somewhat pop but what make it’s really pop is the Make up . Learning techniques on how to apply CORRECT make up on your face will make you stand out from your cloths but bring back . make sense?

Taylah – la – la 
Photographer: Lyndel Yeo & Daniel Jackson @ 35mm
MUA: Fiona Hughes
Styling: Sarah Natasha
Model: Taylah Verney

Jewellery: damselfly.com.au


One thought on “Taylah Verney by Lyndel Yeo Daniel-Jackson

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