I was shot by Ray woods “Thunder Love Shoot”

“Fashion never sleeps. When you sleep somewhere there to take your spot” (RAYMOND WOODS)
I just made that quote up like 30 seconds ago but so TRUE! Jasmine was a previous model a couple years go and decide to pre sue the modeling career soon. So what i did is pre shoot her up for her REAL shoot with me by taking test shoots of her and her boyfriend charles. Very outgoing, funny, and interesting couple i might shall add. They came down from NYC for “The arising phoenix album event” so i literally had 2 days to shoot them but the catch was.. I decided to shoot them 3 hours before i shoot them. That’s where the quote comes into play. I might get to shoot her or them again but my schedules and their schedules are busy. So it was either now or never so to speak. I prep my camera as i normally did and think out an ideal look i want the photo shoot to have. Warm/ Violet color temp, ISO 100, Ap 1/60 and some more technical stuff.

The sun was sun-shining too much so i had to close my lens multiple times to make sure the exposure was perfect. I pick a nearby porch and shoot the couple there. Looking at my surrounds, the models and movement. I then made an executive decision on the story i wanted to convey. It ended up being between a portrait and lifestyle photography of love. Thunder love came from a song of “Little dragon” and the lyrics and groove to it spoke out to me. “Thunder” which Charles was photograph alone and “love” which charles and Jasmine was photograph. The color temperature played a huge part within the story because it gave it that since of hardness, looniness, masculine (Thunder), and then it gave that happiness, peace, softness “Love”.

Maybe it’s me but artistic wise MUSIC! Yes MUSIC Plays a tremendous part in someone creativeness. Everything creatively done was either inspired by quotes, music or art. Maybe thats one of the secrets of being an artist ? haaha. Check out the Photographs



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