Isabel Hickmann at Next models Plus CCM VIDEO

Okay, So i choose these photographs because out of all the photographs i wanted to personally blog today this shoot was to boost a model career (Test shoot). Thats what i want to do right now for my photography career. Great natural lighting, minor applied make up , one background and a model who can MOVE PEOPLE. Telling you as having some experience in photographer, A Model needs to have the ability to MOVE MOVE and MOVE! not just move but become a Confident Mover . Not just a confident mover but a Creative Confident Mover ! A model  who can think on the spot on how to move, a model is sure and confident about the move she make, and lastly she acts on the movement. As you can she she’s well experienced indeed !

So for my next shoot i going to use a person who wants to become a muse , shoot he/she on a background and help the model to get the “Creative Confident Mover” ON! YEs i love it ! Might even make a video about it !



Heres…. Isabel Hickmann from NEXT MODELS



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