The Iphone Fashion Shoot

I’am sitting down and watching TV bored out my mind. So i reach for my ipod and i went to youtube to check out some Fashion shoots. I cam across the following below and was very curious on how was this true? little did i know i watch it and and it was true. of-course there was other factors that came with it but i didn’t care. Now when i went back to the video to post it on my blog as i said on Twitter i saw the comments. Watch the video first…..

So after i watch the video i read the comments. Here is what they said. .Any thoughts and comments please comment below ! Secdum ❤

  • Yes that’s right. All you need is light..Great photographers … they are so good they do not even need a camera to take a photo…what do you know !

    Camera is not important this is why, fashion shows, indoor sports or concerts and low light photography, or even birding, they are all shot with smartphones. And yeah all those cameras and long lenses are not needed, but photographers carry them just .. you know… to impress people around !

    Skytalker777 3 months ago 86 
  • You are all idiots, he’s saying you don’t need a 5grand camera, you just need good lighting. And it’s aimed at those people chasing the newest dslr model coming out each year.. Of course a nice model with good makeup will help if you’re aiming for aesthetics, but it’s not the point of the video. Some great photographer said something along the lines – stop seeing objects, start seeing light.. And this is the greatest task for any photographer to master.

    toosas 4 months ago 39 
  • well.. photography is not about the camera.. is about the light… Iphone’s camera is pretty good if you master the light…btw.. Olympus makes very nice point and shoot cameras. One more thing I made a test with my mobile Ericson V800 and after some time on Photoshop no one would say that was taken with a 1.3 bobile camera.. so this video is pretty pointless on technical terms .

    wholetthedoggo 1 week ago
  • iphone has got a good camera for a phone

    JakeLicerio 1 week ago
  • “Any Olympus SLR camera” – dude either start with a better joke or educate yourself.

    Anyway, I don’t really get the message from that video? What are you saying? You don’t need a professional camera, all you need is studio, lighting for $10-15k, model for $500-1000/day and a professional photo retoucher. What about exchanging the professional photographer for a junkie from the street? Any guesses what the result will look like?

    Good promotion of the iPhone and youself though…

    ivanmateev 1 week ago 5 
  • This is true, I had great photoshoot with my old Nikon F3 at the same time I have D90 beside me. It’s all about your eyes and skills.

    Thorndepth 2 weeks ago
  • aa alot of people are missing the point entirely and are complaining about him using expensive lighting and professional models.

    All you need is a wee bit of creativity for your lights, as shown in the video here


    if you need a model. Sign up to modelmayhem, they have tonnes of models willing to do shoots for free.

    soaringturkeys 2 weeks ago

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