Snow Photography No.1

Jamall Hall really trying to still my Career!? i think not! jk . Jamall was strolling down Phildelphia in the snow THE SNOW and decided to say “Hey i want to take a picture of this”! Reall smart Jamall. lol. This photographs was dope but i had to put that RAY TOUCH on there. In other words . Burn and bleach the photograph. Let us know what you think ….

Photographer: Jamall Hall

Photoshop Wizard: Raymond Woods


2 thoughts on “Snow Photography No.1

  1. Wow!!! This is cool! I like em all. Except the third one from the top. I think it’s a bit too colorful for this. Like I could see if there were more sunlight in the picture. But for this I think it clashes a bit. But you’re the photographer. I have no style. lol.

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