Ronnel Panizares: The Modern Day Anti-Hero

Ronnel  is a  Toronto based photographer. ! Now i don’t know that much about photographers in Canada but reading his bio and seeing his Unique photography has inspired alot of people. Including yours truly. Don’t believe me continue to explore …


Model Mayhem



The Modern Day Anti Hero is who I am; it is my photography, my ideas and my passion. My photography is driven by what is happening around the world; the politics, the media, the people and the forgotten issues of the past, present and future. These conjure ideas and push me to become more aware, creative and dynamic. This is taking the quote “thinking outside the box” to its limits and breaking free from the norm of society. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and glamour for the versatile styles and beauty. Realistically, that is where the life of most photographers lies. Sometimes it’s not about the beautiful people or pretty scenery or even vibrant images that captivate me. It’s the reality of what is going on around us and details that people tend to forget. Richard Avedon says it best, “To be an artist – to be a photographer – you have to nurture the things that other people discard. You have to keep them alive”. That quote opened my eyes and made me think differently about the world around me. As simple as it sounds, every little thing around us makes up an image, but you just need to shape it together with imagination and creativity. The Modern Day Anti Hero is any image that is made up of society and its surroundings…I just put it together.



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